Offices up for Election 2000

The following listing covers federal and state offices.
For information on local offices (county and municipal), please contact your county or city.

Office Incumbent
President Bill Clinton (D)
Vice President Al Gore
U.S. Congress  
1st District H.L. Sonny Callahan (R)
2nd District Terry Everett (R)
3rd District Bob Riley (R)
4th District Robert Aderholt (R)
5th District Bud Cramer (D)
6th District Spencer Bachus (R)
7th District Earl Hilliard (D)
State Supreme Court  
Chief Justice Perry Hooper, Sr. (R)
Justice, Pl 1 Ralph D. Cook
Justice, Pl 2 Champ Lyons, Jr
Justice, Pl 3 John England, Jr.
Justice, Pl 4 No incumbent running
Public Service Commission  
 President Jim Sullivan (R)
State Board of Education  
District 1 Bradley Byrne (R)
District 3 Stephanie Bell (R)
District 5 Wilie Paul (D)
District 7 Sandra Ray (D)
Court Of Criminal Appeals  
Place 1 James H. Fry
 Place 2 Francis A. Long
Place 3 Sue Bell Cobb
Court Of Civil Appeals  
 Place 1 Roger Monroe
Place 2 John Crawley
 Place 3 No incumbent running
Circuit Judges (Various Districts)  
District Judges (Various Districts)  
Circuit Clerks (All Counties)